Monument Cleaning-Make markers even, trim grass.

House and Roof Washing- soft wash, doesn’t harm siding and shingles.

Rv Maintenance Services-Repairs, Winterization, Cleaning, Awning cleaning.

Paintless Dent Removal & Paint Correction on all vehicles.

Knife & Scissors Sharpening



We also are a local distributor for BUFFPRO. Make sure you contact us for our special deals on BUFFPRO products! We offer explanations, demonstrations, and practical applications for Rv’s, Autos, and Semi’s.  If it rolls on wheels or floats we can clean it for you.  Products can be seen at www.buffpro.com It is important for us to only use quality products. We currently use Buff Pro, a revolutionary drum buffer that that leaves a superior shine in half the time. This drum buffer leaves the deepest shine, the highest gloss and no swirl marks!!

While camping, we are usually approached by fellow campers.  We are asked about our advertisements and our businesses. One item that comes around many times is how people can make money while on the road. We suggest that people check out Workamper News com. This magazine offers many opportunities for folks to establish employment and or business opportunities. 

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Exterior treatments

We offer treatments for gelcoat, fiberglass and all types of metal. Awnings, Tires,  RV Roofs,  Let us clean and treat your Recreational vehicle so you don’t have to.

Houses & Roofs we use have cleaners for them also. No pressure washing!!

Monuments-  we use equipment and treatments that are safe for the environment.  No pressure washing!!



Underside protection

Let us service the underside of your rolling stock. We offer ways that will protect your RV from rodents and rust.

Let us service the rubber roof and your awning of your RV.




Ready to store your vehicle? Let us protect your RV from the freezing climate.  Our service team can pump RV Antifreeze into your hose inlet. There is no better way to get antifreeze throughout your trailer’s plumbing!  Battery storage and charging. We will get your investment prepared for  winter storage! 

We will also transport or drive your RV to specified location. So you don’t have to.

We also sell covers for your RV, Block the UV rays, when not in use

Don’t wait for the snowplows!

PACKAGE SPECIAL         $469

Wide range of prices

We offer prices that are affordable!  Our prices are based on the time we spend on your investments.

 Do remember that your RV was significant investment, and that many of our services last several years.






About Our Company


We do more than what is expected!!  

Realtors call us for a house wash,  We offer packages that sell a house!   Roof Wash, Driveway & Sidewalk cleaning, Minor Landscaping.  STREET APPEAL!! When a prospect views a location after our technicians performed their magic, the house usually sells within the month.  Our services are liked by appraisers also.  Our roof wash not only lengthens the life of the shingles, it usually raises the appraisal value.   STREET APPEAL!!

Monument Cleaning-  We have recieved many leads from other customers.  We do have yearly customers.  We fertilize & seed plots, sod replacement, Monument leveling.




Family Owned, Family Operated, Family Orientated

 Trying to make ends meet, our family is offering a multitude of services. Anyone who has dealt with us, knows we offer the best products, at a reasonable price! Our service prices can’t be beat! Some products maybe offered a little cheaper than what we can, but don’t you want to buy locally?  Buying local helps keep the community prospering!

We all want to lower our taxes! Buy local and help us do that.

Our prices might be a little higher than the guy next door. 

Insurance, Does the guy next door carry insurance for your investment?  Even though we take every precaution, sometimes it happens.  Your investment is important to us.

Taxes, we pay our taxes!

Water, when we do our monument cleaning and other packages, we have to use our own water. 

Equipment, an item that separates us from someone who is a DIY.  We invested money in equipment that helps us do the job efficiently.

Experience, we have the knowledge, so you can use yours elsewhere.   Take a break, enjoy the security of not having to worry and knowing your investment will last longer.