Is something eating your roof ?

Let us help you!



Many roofs are not dirty, but are infested!


Several organisms that deteriorate roofs are Algae, Mold, and Bacteria. We use a soft wash process that will clean your roof and home. High-pressure can destroy siding and roofs. We also use biodegradable chemicals that last 3 to 5 times longer than a do it yourself pressure washing.We have worked in a variety of places. Check out our before and after pictures.




Mold and Algae leave unsightly view.  If a house buyer seen this picture from kitchen window, do you think they will buy your house?

After Picture


Mold and Algae and some wear ate away paint at bottom of building.  Our cleaning not only removes organisms, but usually brings back color to houses.

As you can see, Curb Appeal is important.  This can make an impact on the price you get when receiving offers on your house. Even if your not selling, your family deserves a clean house. The mold can start on the outside but be tracked inside. Dirt itself causes wear. The paint on the bottom of the shed, would still be there with annual cleanings



A roof this bad should be done twice. Lichen and algae grow underneath and as can be seen, above shingles. This loosens shingles, so they can be caught and ripped away by winds.  Usually insurances will push to have roofs cleaned. I would think a home appraiser wouldn’t let this pass. 




Looking closely, one can see the cracks caused by the Algae and  Lichen. The broken shingles will need to be replaced soon. We try to do the first cleaning in March, then the 2nd cleaning in mid June. The above picture possibly shows some algae under the edges of shingles. That is why we want to do a second cleaning. On the bottom of the shingles the granular material has also been destroyed.